The sales rep checker

The trouble with many salesmen is that they don’t know enough about their own goods. Test this for yourself.

Sit down in front of the article or articles you sell and ask yourself if you really do know all the good points about them.

Take out your pad and pencil. Put down each point as you think of them. Get them all down. Now see if you can think of any more.


Do you know all of the uses to which those goods could be put?

Do you know why they are made and how?

Do you know where the material comes from, the kind of material used, why certain material is put in your goods and how it is used?

Are you familiar with costs and terms and discounts ?

Are there any fields in which those goods could be sold that you haven’t thought of?

Is there any way of extending their sale in the particular ways with which you are already familiar?

Do you know what your competitors would say about them, their weak points, if any?

Are you able to suggest selling ideas or advertising plans to your customers which would help them sell those goods?

Do you speak distinctly when you demonstrate your products?

Do you present yourself well?

Are you enthusiastic about your proposition and able to inject some of that enthusiasm into your prospects and your customers?


You see there are a lot of things you can ask yourself, all of them important to your own success and the success of your firm.