Patience can win

A salesman with a fine and regular record said: “It pays to practice patience. The first time I called, the store was so crowded with goods that I had to get under the counter to reach the prospect and talk to him. When I told him my name and business he turned around without a word and left me. I remained in the store a little while and talked to his son and tried in every way to make myself agreeable. About a week later I went back. This time the proprietor came out from behind the counter and told me in no uncertain terms that he did not want to buy my goods. I replied that I had merely stopped in to see how he was getting along and to make his acquaintance. Week after week I kept calling on him in a friendly way. Finally his chilly attitude began to be replaced by a warmer one, and at the end of about three months we had become quite friendly. One day when I was in his store he asked me a question about my goods. This was the oppor tunity I had been waiting for. I explained our goods to him and succeeded in taking his order for a considerable amount. This man afterward told me that he had been hounded by men who had tried to force him into buying. He said that it was friendship alone which had caused him to let me explain my goods to him. So that is why I believe it pays to make friends with prospects whether you sell them or not.”