Old time sales humor is still true after all this time

A well-known salesman was asked, by a young man just starting out in the world, for the secret of his success:

“I’ll give you a pointer,” said the salesman, “but you must keep it a secret.”

“All right,” said the young man. ” Tell me, how do you manage to be successful?”

“Well, I always make it a rule,” replied the sales man, ” to wear out the soles of my shoes instead of the seat of my trousers.”

Advice of this kind is worth $5000 a word to any salesman who needs it, and who will act upon it. Hustle has made more geniuses than all other forces in the world combined. The salesman who laments because he is not ” gifted,” would soon outgrow his present job if he would adopt hustling as the panacea for all “mis fortunes.” The man who refuses to be thrown down, and who keeps everlastingly at it in spite of competi tion, bad territory, rainy weather or the stomach ache, is only one step removed from the man who has mastered so-called scientific salesmanship. If you want to be a genius at selling, try being a genius at hustling. — Geo. C. Hubbs