Standing room only at presentation on how to quantify the value your solution provides

Read some real reactions from real people talking about their real results. The following is a collection of typical feedback from workshops, training sessions and presentations.

I’ve been in proposals for several decades and done all the Shipley courses and this was the best training I’ve ever attended. -Robin Beck, Head of Proposals for North America, ManpowerGroup (services)

Chris said that the persuasion strategies we were learning were universal because they’re fundamental to how the brain functions. I got a chance to put that to the test as an American female negotiating with hostile Afghan warlords. They worked brilliantly. In retrospect, the entire experience was truly outstanding and keeps on delivering value. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris’ courses for any proposal or sales division. -Sarah Porter, Lead, Chemonics (development services)

Your content is excellent and you make it easy to understand. Your delivery is energizing, engaging, and provides dozens of inspiring, relevant ideas that I want to implement immediately. You are an excellent thinker, communicator, and teacher! Thank you for providing incredibly practical, helpful tools for creating winning proposals!  -Trish Derho, Proposal Specialist, The Ken Blanchard Companies (leadership training)

Chris, you are an inspiration!! I have to tell you that this was the best presentation on this topic that I have ever seen. Thanks for presenting… Personally, I think you have built on your family legacy in the proposal world and then some!! 😉 -Amy S. Klingele, Proposal Manager, Guardian Life Insurance (insurance)

Loved it. Very helpful in retaining the concept and translating it for use. Nicely done! -Karen Hansel, Proposal Manager, TEKsystems Global Services (IT)

Finally, a voice that understands the hard work of proposals. The sales/proposal writer interaction, the many roles we must assume, the legal pushback. All of it, so true. Your insights into our poor proposal readers (the clients) are most valuable. -Kristian Rowley, Content Professional,  ManpowerGroup (services)

Very kind audience reaction after a speech in Boston on how quantifying the value you provide leads to a 12% higher win rate
Very kind audience reaction after a speech in Boston on how quantifying the value you provide leads to a 12% higher win rate

Chris’ delivery was entertaining and engaging, maintaining his audience’s attention and generating great questions, as well as answering them knowledgeably. Chris’ approach to proposal kickoffs is fresh and original, a stark departure from the standard quad chart and contact list slide deck. I look forward to implementing his ideas at my next proposal kickoff! -Steve Skeldon, Proposal Manager, Engility Corporation (defense)

Brilliant and delivered by a true communicator. New, novel and easy to apply. Great to learn something big that matters! -Jay Herther, Director of Business Winning, BAE, APMP Fellow, author (defense)

He is very knowledgeable about both the legal world and the proposal world – and truly understands the marriage between those areas. Chris was very engaging throughout and had a great sense of humour. -Julianne Walker, Lead, Microsoft (IT)

Outstanding, down-to-earth, ethical, and understandable! -Alan O’Neal, Senior Proposal Manager, SAS Institute Inc. (IT)

Excellent suggestions to keep proposals persuasive while appeasing the legal department. The information was practical, relevant and immediately useful to my career. -Jenna Beck, Proposal Specialist and Former APMP California Social Media / Marketing Chair, Toshiba (high tech)

The innovative content and the practicality in which the material was presented were informative with pieces I could implement in both kick off meetings and overall proposal improvement. The erudite, enthusiastic delivery was engaging, entertaining, and educational. -Monika Crannell, Proposal Manager, Yulista Holding, LLC (defense)

Kickoff audience
Audience taking notes during a talk about making the proposal kickoff process 30% more effective

Made me think of a whole new way to look at proposals and new, potentially very useful tool to validate my business development material. Rarely do you run across something really new and different in this field. Thank you Chris! -Rich McLaughlin, Senior Director Proposal Development, Cubic (high tech)

I think Chris does a great job of walking the talk … we are all taught to back up claims with proof points, and he does an impeccable job of providing evidence to support his recommendations. He turns what can be a rather subjective and opinion-driven subject into pragmatic instruction by constructing experiments, gathering data, and reporting on his findings. This lends credibility to his recommendations well beyond that given by many other authors/speakers on the subject. -Holly Meyer, Director, Noridian Healthcare Solutions (healthcare)

Awesome! I am going to have to change the way I think about some of the responses I provide. The content was extremely informative and eye opening. -Susanne Taylor, Proposal Specialist, CTG (IT staffing)

Simply by implementing your suggestions, I am confident that I can make our proposals more persuasive! -Rachelle Reid, Director of Bid Management and Content Development, HGS Canada (professional services)

These techniques are compelling. I got two ideas to try immediately and can implement them based on Chris’ presentation. -Chuck McGavren, RFP Manager, West Corporation (telecom)

One of the best. Very easy to follow and the mnemonics are all easy to remember and made note taking more manageable. Many of the concepts will also be relatively simple for me to add into my organization’s current proposal process. -Erika Dianovsky, Senior Manager Business Development Communications, Korn Ferry (consulting)

A fundamental change that can be easily implemented. With positive impact as the result, it sometimes are the “little” tips that can be implemented and that start changing a culture in a positive manner. This will be useful in our efforts to create positive change. –Stephen Malone, Director Bids and Proposals, MorphoTrust (high tech)

I loved it along with the seminars I attended at the past APMP Bid and Proposal Conference. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have given, it is very much appreciated! -Bethany Burton, BD Associate, Evergreen Fire and Security (government services)

Excellent. Very practical and useful. -Richard Chagnon, Solution Integration Specialist, Right Management (outsourcing services)

Very very helpful — with real, concrete advice.  Will also try (sigh) to get Sales to pay attention to this game-changing information. Thank you. -Rebecca Kavanaugh, Proposal Developer, Pearson (education and publishing)

I loved it and the tips you shared regarding discussing issues that come up with Legal. I especially appreciated the examples of how your suggestions could be applied. -Stacey Duwe, RFP Team Lead, Wells Fargo (banking)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard value propositions explained so clearly. Thanks! -Melanie Gibbs, Senior Proposal Writer, Harland Clarke (payment solutions)

One of the best trainings I have ever attended. Very happy. -Dan Lyons, Senior Proposal Analyst, Kforce (professional staffing)