Happy Proposaloween!

In today’s BulletPoints: we use monster movies to explain why prospects make the proposal choices they do.

We also look at the awesome results of our industry survey to help you decide where to focus your proposal improvement efforts.

Thank you again to all the great folks who completed our industry survey on where the biggest ROI from proposal improvement is to be found.

The final results to the question “How important is the following to proposal success” were:

#1 Differentiating ourselves in ways the prospect values so we don’t end up competing on price 9.7
#2 Including concrete, quantified benefits instead of the usual vague claims 9.3
#3 Ensuring the prospect actually sees our message by structuring our proposals more persuasively 9.3
#4 Delivering a memorable message clearly and concisely 9.0
#5 Making the prospect feel comfortable with us by improving our evidence, including case studies 8.8

#6 Using more graphics to stop the skimming and get the prospect more engaged 8.5
#7 Developing the ability to independently uncover client problems and goals when sales fails to do it 8.5
#8 Being more client-centered so the client doesn’t get annoyed and see us as self-serving 8.3
#9 Thinking bigger about the opportunity and how we can add more value 8.2
#10 Responding to RFP questions more effectively 8.2

#11 Staying on top of volume by creating content libraries of material to be able to quickly produce persuasive proposals 8.0
#12 Saving time down the line by kicking off new opportunities more effectively 7.7
#13 Improving the proposal process, such as sticking to (or instituting) a level-of-effort analysis 7.6
#14 Continuous learning and training to stay fresh and avoid bad habits 7.6
#15 Working effectively with virtual teams 7.0

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