Handling the “you’re in it for the money” objection

A prospective purchaser will often say to a salesman, “Oh, yes, you are very anxious to sell me your goods because you get a commission on the sale.”

My reply to this is, “Of course, I get a commission on the sale of my goods. I am in this business to earn my living just the same as you are in yours. You know that your business is a thoroughly honest one or you would not be in business; so with mine. The price asked is a fair one. We make one small profit on each sale, while you make a profit on this article every day you use it during your whole business lifetime. I am not anxious to sell you just because of the commission I make. I know that my goods will do all and more than I claim for them. I know that you will become a satisfied user and recommend them to many of your friends. It is in that way that I will profit, but I can only do this by getting your good will.”

This is often a last ditch excuse to try to stop the sale when a prospect knows he’s beat. Keep at it!