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Training on how to write business proposals, win more contracts, and show differentiation from competitors. Helps companies sell more effectively. Useful for people looking for business proposal templates or proposal training in response to an RFP or ITB and who want sales improvement.

35% more wins
35% more revenue
35% less time

Coaching that teaches how to create commercial proposals, succeed at more business deals, and show differentiation from your competition. Will help organizations market more successfully. Great for those trying to find sales RFP response templates or proposal training programs to learn how to write responses to RFPs, ITBs, and ITTs. Also for sales enablement, producing subject matter for proposal database software, and winning federal and state government, IT, healthcare, legal industry, consulting industry, construction, service industry and similar proposals and who are looking for sales improvements.

Classes on how to write sales proposals, succeed at additional business deals, and demonstrate differentiation from competing firms. Lets firms market more efficiently. Useful for people interested in sales RFP response templates or sales instruction to understand how to respond to RFPs, ITBs, and ITTs. Also for sales enablement, setting up material for sales database software, and being successful with federal, state and local government, IT, health related, legal, consulting, engineering, and other proposals and who seek win rate improvements.

How can you win more deals, risk-free?

Your success depends on winning more, right? Ideally, better deals at a better price?

Think about it: if you can consistently win even 25% more opportunities, your profits and market share will explode, right?

And yet leaders at hundreds of great companies (like Honeywell, GE, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and major US and UK law and accounting firms) already know something even better…

You have the potential to easily, consistently win 35% more deals with the right persuasive approach––an approach I’ve perfected with what I learned litigating in over $10 billion worth of cases and never losing a trial.

The result is the Bulletproof Proposal Formula, a risk-free, proven path to 35% more wins and 35% more money in 35% less time. You will:

• create proposals and presentations that are 254% more persuasive on average;

• improve the credibility of your value propositions by 238%; and

• increase your net profitability by 15% by differentiating yourself on high value, not low price.

Proof? 180 Fortune 500 firms have already increased their win rates even more––39% on average.

One Fortune 500 client started with a 20% win rate. After training on how to show the value of their solution, they won 91% of the multimillion dollar deals they bid on the next year, including a national park system and a 1,300 acre Florida tourist site.

You’ll win more with either or both:

• Bulletproof Training: Tailored training for your staff on easy-to-learn techniques. Lasting knowledge for a culture of winning.

• Bulletproof Content: A personalized library of empirically tested, reusable content. Your turn-key solution for proposal success.

And these services come with a no risk, iron-clad 1,000% ROI cash back guarantee.

So…could your win rate use a risk-free boost? Contact me for a free, fair analysis of your proposals at