Easy Help in the Big Easy

Want to grab a spot for a free 15-minute Quick Consult in New Orleans?

We’re trying to simplify how you get fast, accurate data on where your proposals stand. To that end, we’re bringing our Proposal Improvement Techniques Algorithm (making it a PITA – solving your pain in their ask) to New Orleans.

Bring some proposals, we’ll feed the scores into PITA, and then it runs 10,000 simulations against data collected from thousands of previous proposals. The result is an estimate of your expected gains in win rates and revenue from proposal improvement.

Grab a spot using the calendar below. It’s all strictly confidential and there’s no negativity.

We can go over where you’re better than most, whether your efforts have been paying off, and how to deal with new goals and initiatives, or anything else that’s on your mind.

No matter what, we guarantee you a conversation and analysis so valuable you would have paid us for it.

(And if you’re not going to be in New Orleans, just send us an email and we can get started.)

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