Don’t forget the buyer has the hardest part of the sale!

Don’t lose patience or give a buyer up because the buyer is slow; he is carrying the hardest end of the transaction. You, as a salesman, cannot be making any mistake in completing the sale, but the buyer is not sure but that he is, until you show him, or he shows himself clearly the profit to himself or those whom he represents. In a large number of cases, a buyer must sell himself. He must convince himself that the profit account will stand for it that he is not laying himself open to criticism in his own eyes or the eyes of his superiors. There have to be those logical reasons, those sensible business reasons to carry a man over the conviction step and it is a long time before he does get over it in a great many cases, because the salesman too often does not carry his case far enough and make the connecting link between the results accomplished and the profit account. — R. L. Houston