President, Chief Proposal Consultant, Recovering Lawyer

Bulletproof Proposal Formula seminar
Discussing the Bulletproof Proposal Formula, which shows you exactly how to craft your message for 254% more persuasive proposals

Chris is a proposal consultant who is a former commercial litigator at one of the world’s most prestigious law firms, a graduate of Stanford Law School, and the editor of Dr. Tom Sant’s best-selling proposal books.

As a commercial litigator, he worked on cases worth over $10 billion and never lost a trial. He won his first million dollar judgment at 32, and won a path-breaking First Amendment ruling protecting freedom of speech online. After 9/11, he volunteered as a federal prosecutor. In addition, he was honored by the California State Bar for his pro bono work and was named “Consumer Lawyer of the Year.”

As a proposal consultant, he draws on his unique skills in legal and economic analysis to make your proposals as persuasive as the law allows. Chris has successfully helped organizations with a combined market cap of over $340 billion — companies like Honeywell, DataPath, ISS, Wells Fargo, Check Point Software, GE, The Ken Blanchard Companies and numerous others.

He has trained and taught thousands of students in workshops and lectures. Those students have applied his techniques to bring in billions of dollars in sales.

As you’ll see below, his training, presentations and consulting work have been called “pure gold,” “fresh and original,” “outstanding,” “brilliant,” “engaging with a great sense of humor,” “excellent,” “easy to apply,” “entertaining,” “very relevant,” “original and smart,” “compelling,” “very easy to follow” and “eye opening and informative.”