BulletPoints: Does Your Company Use A Reality-Based Selling Process?


This video is a little different than my BulletPoints videos normally are. This one is designed to help your proposal team start a very profitable conversation with Sales leadership.

I’m putting it together because the same issue kept coming up again and again at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) conference. Over and over, people reported the same problem. The problem is with your sales structure. And in all likelihood it’s costing you millions or tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

In short, the B2B world has moved on to a consensus-based decision making process. Prospects want their change to have widespread support. This means they’re looking for consensus and compromise between internal stakeholders. And this means that decisions happen during discussions that salespeople don’t participate in — or even know about.

An effective proposal, however, does make your case during these discussions. Indeed, this is why companies started asking for proposals in the first place. But most vendor companies are still stuck in a salesperson-centric sales process that treats the proposal as “sales support.” This is a very expensive mistake.

Indeed, the chasm between how prospects want to make decisions and how your organization wants to sell means that your competitors are winning deals that you should be winning. This video talks about why it happens, how to tell if it’s happening to you, what to do about it, and how we help clients respond more effectively in a way that wins more deals.

Ideally, if this applies to you, you have a strong enough relationship with Sales leadership to forward this video. At the least, though, you can use the information in it to make the case yourself.

In the meantime, I wish you much success!