BulletPoints: Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Tender Here? Dante, Hellfire and the Gentle Art of Persuasion

Whatever you need to know about persuasion, Dante’s got it. No surprise. The Divine Comedy is itself a proposal to the reader to reject the pain point of sin and embrace the innovative, partnership-focused solution of heaven. It’s become one of the classics of world literature for a reason – a reason that speaks to us in the proposal world.

Just in time for Halloween, Dante and Chris will take you to hell and back. And, along the way, you’ll get the fresh, fun look at Dante’s persuasion principles that Chris delivered at the excellent National Chapter 2017 Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo.

There’s no need to abandon hope when this talk will show you how to take your client and your team to Paradiso.

And if you’re in the mood for more heavenly delights, join Chris at the APMP Liberty and Nor’easters Chapters Pursuit Expo 2017 on 9 November 2017 in Hartford, Connecticut for his talk, “Breakthrough value props: how to instantly win 12% more at twice the profit margin” at 3:30 pm.