Why salespeople fail

The following list of reasons why a salesman does not succeed was compiled from a careful study of reports made at local and general conventions; also from personal inspections of agencies and examinations of methods used by salesmen:

A salesman may fail from lack of tact in introducing himself to the prospects he visits.

He may fail if he is careless in his dress and habits, because this leads other men to suspect that he is not prosperous and does not represent a first-class firm.

He may fail because he does not answer the prospect’s questions and objections intelligently, concisely and without too much detail.

He may fail if he speaks indistinctly, or too rapidly, or if he lacks animation and earnestness.

He may fail because he indulges in awkward expressions and gestures, or offends the prospect by undue familiarity.

He may fail for lack of dignity.

He may fail because he gives an indiscreet answer to the prospect’s question.

He may fail by not making proper use of the advertising matter furnished for distribution.