What’s the rush?

Don’t be in too great a hurry to get out of a town. The effort to get to the town for the purpose justifies your leaving no stone unturned in the effort for business. I realize that when a merchant is out of a city when a salesman calls, there is nothing further to be done toward seeing him on that trip, but I do not believe a salesman does himself justice if he does not eventually see a merchant who may not be in at the second, third or fourth call. If he had gone after his prospective purchaser until he found him, he might have been sold, and a salesman would have been well paid for the many trips necessary to find him. Salesmen too often are in too much of a hurry. If you do not go back to see your prospective pur chaser, your competitor may come along and get the order simply because he called until he found the man in.