What’s the one thing a salesperson really needs?

Every once in a while we find a salesman who fritters away his time in his office, attending to the various little details which a cheap clerk could look after. Such a man is standing in his own light. He doesn’t make money, and wonders why. He ekes out a living, complains about business, worries himself sick, and the result is that he develops into a mere office machine — no life, no ambition, just kind of half alive. What that man needs is a good, big dose of HUSTLE. Instead of stewing and fretting and fussing around the office, let him put on his coat and go out and sell his goods. That’s the remedy. Take this talk to heart if it fits your case, and make up your mind that hereafter you’ll do the work you ought to do, and not waste your valu able time doing clerk’s duties. — E. D. Gibbs