Top 10 Results

Besides a fun, engaging, interactive experience, what else do you get when you hire me to help you whip your win rate into shape?

Here’s the top 10 results you will benefit from, based on my experience with amazing folks at clients like Wells Fargo, Honeywell and The Ken Blanchard Companies:

1. You will make more money. You will win more proposals and you will win more big deals. A survey of 180 Fortune 500 clients showed that they increased their win rate by 39% on average.

2. You will discover persuasive techniques that bring jaw-dropping results. This includes my proprietary persuasion equation for tapping into the brain’s three persuasion channels and the ABC technique for instantly zeroing in on what the buyer really wants. Our research shows that the sum total of these techniques will make your proposal or sales presentation, on average, 254% more persuasive – even if you have fewer features than your competitors.

3. You will learn how to differentiate yourself in ways that leave competitors in your dust. Research by Accenture shows that, if you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace, you will have twice the profit margin than your undifferentiated competitors.

4. You will gain tricks and techniques for improving persuasiveness. My proprietary 5-10-15-20 technique, for example, has been empirically tested and proven to increase persuasiveness by between 10 and 50%. And it takes all of 2 minutes to do.

5. You will learn the structure of persuasion. Your proposals will tap directly into the brain’s decision-making system. Results from fMRIs show that persuasive messages light up different centers of the brain than do other types of writing. If you want them to choose you, you have to give them the right information in the right order.

6. You will apply your results right now. In fact, many students leave the workshop with executive summaries, presentations, differentiators, value statements, case studies and other essentials for live deals already done. At several training classes, we’ve applied the techniques to opportunities that came up that very day.

  • In one recent case, a participant got an email from his contact at Samsung, asking for a summary of his proposal’s main points. (Translation: I didn’t understand what you wrote and it was all about you anyway. Can you please give me the information I need to sell this internally?) So, over lunch, we sat down and wrote it right then and there. He sent it. Within 20 minutes, he got an email back, saying, “Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed to convince my boss.” Final result? Success.
  • In another recent case, a participant worked on a deal in class, presented it the next day, and won a $26 million deal the following Monday. A person could get used to success like that.

7. You will learn how to support your proposal with clear, crisp evidence, including my proprietary techniques for valuing pieces of evidence, and knowing which evidence to present when. Using evidence effectively increases the persuasiveness of your proposal between 40 and 92%.

8. You will gain a complete blueprint of exactly how to create a winning proposal or sales presentation. You get a cheat sheet template so you will always know what to say, where to put it, and exactly how to write it.

9. You will see how to sell your message graphically. The right graphics increases the persuasiveness of your message by 47%.

10. You will learn tricks that will improve the clarity and punch of your writing in less than 5 minutes.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? They really are the key to quickly boosting the sales and profitability of your firm.