The right way to deal with objections — even ghost objections

No experienced sales rep ever lets a customer throw him off the track. When a customer says, “Yes, but I think I can get a larger discount somewhere else,” the up-to-date salesman answers, “Possibly; we’ll talk about that in a minute. Just now I want to show you exactly how this XYZ works.” And he goes ahead with his argument. If a salesman stopped to answer every objection at the time it was made, he would lose all the cumulative effect of his argument, and quite possibly arouse a spirit of antagonism in the mind of his customer which no amount of argument would remove. If he puts off the customer with the proper kind of an answer, it is more than probable that by the time he has completed his argument he will have answered that objection and many others.

On the other hand, you do have to address every objection. There’s a real risk of someone forgetting their objection, but remembering they objected, and so being unwilling to complete a sale. It’s horrible to have to fight against ghost objections, so keep track of them!