The right perspective before every sales call

Some of the hardest problems of salesmanship are made harder because the salesman expects them to be hard. If you make up your mind that anything is going to be a mighty difficult job the chances are that it will be.

There is a good deal in the point of view you take. If you make a great bugbear of anything the prospect will probably do the same. If you look at it as the right and natural thing to do, explain it in a natural way and expect it to be easy, it surely will be easier.

Some sales reps say: “I can get my prospects to admit that my goods are right and my prices are right, that they ought to have them, and yet I can’t get the men to sign the order.” Now the trouble is that they have left a weak spot some where along the line before they came to the closing argument. The final appeal is only one link in the chain. It is only a cap to the whole climax of argument or demonstration which has gone before. Do not expect any closing argument to stand by itself and sell your goods. It won’t do it.