Learn from the experts

I learn from Louis Cornaro that if you control your will-power you can overcome all obstacles in life. It is a lesson of self-control. I learn from Benjamin Franklin that by observing and plotting before you come to a definite decision that you will be better prepared to meet and overcome any obstacle by which you are confronted. From Abraham Lincoln I learn that by studying and preparing and taking advantage of opportunities, you are bound to succeed. It is a lesson of inspiration, persistency, and honesty I learn from Marshall Field that a man shapes his own future and that if you are ambitious, study the wants of the people, and meet those wants with tact, that you are bound to be successful in the walk of life. His is a lesson of ambition. From Thomas Edison I learn that a man’s body is an intricate piece of mechanism and must have the same care as a fine piece of machinery; that if you over-tax this machine, you are sure to run out of power. Running out of power means loss of energy. —P. A.


Now here’s the truth: The hardest man to approach is sometimes the easiest to close.