Lawyer-Proof Value Props

In the meantime, to make it easy to get started creating your own value props, we’re once again offering the Value Prop Quick Start Program:

• 1 day on-site training and workshop with key personnel, guaranteeing you
• At least 5 quantified, evidence-backed, differentiated value props to start using immediately in your proposals and marketing materials
• For just $7,500 (plus travel if you don’t want to do it virtually)

These techniques work so well that one Fortune 500 client went from a 20% win rate to winning 91% of the enterprise-level deals they bid on in the next year. In fact, their success was so explosive that one of their competitors tracked us down at a conference and threatened us (true story).

You’ll gain critical knowledge too, including:

• Tying value to differentiators and evidence to clobber the competition (part 4 of the workshop)
• 5 essential areas of value your proposal must quantify… and 3 more that you should (part 1)
• Identifying, demonstrating and making memorable the key value your client needs to see (part 3)

Our research shows that quantified value props make your most important messages 73% more persuasive. Don’t miss out.

Want to see if your preferred date is available?

Just email me at Or give us a call at (310) 439-9542. We’ll answer any questions you have, learn about you, find a good date, and soon have your win rates rapidly increasing.

P.S. If you’re looking for more traditional training, try one of our popular proposal-improvement workshops…

• Proposal Academy 1:
Templates, Tips and Tricks for 254% More Persuasive Proposals
• Proposal Academy 2: Advanced Skills in Written Salesmanship
• Presentation Power: Techniques from a Trial Lawyer for Fearless Speaking
• Bolder Ideas, Bigger Deals, Better Negotiations: Value Creation for Proposal Managers

Tools and Resources:

• The Differentiator Designer – Workshop, Market Research and Content – discover what your client really cares about (hint: it’s much more than price) and how to deliver it in the most persuasive way possible
• The Value Quantification Super Class – our exclusive ERGO technique for creating your own value quantifying panel that delivers customized, correct estimates on demand