It’s Irrefutable!

Chris receiving the John Elder Award from Executive Director Rick Harris

Chris was honored to receive the John Elder APMP Journal Award from the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). The award was given to Chris by APMP Executive Director Rick Harris and APMP Chief Executive Officer Kristin Dufrene at the Future of the Industry Celebration in New Orleans.

Rick said that Chris received the award  due to Chris’s “dedication to excellence on behalf of the profession” and that Chris is one of “the industry’s best.” Kristin singled out the John Elder Award at the Future of the Industry Celebration as having special meaning for her because it honors the insight and commitment of the late John Elder, for whom the award was renamed.

The John Elder Award recognizes Chris’s “outstanding achievements” in “deliver[ing] educational value and clarity.” The award was voted on by a panel of APMP’s managing directors and professionals.

See, kids? Hard work does pay off

Chris was selected specifically for his article, “Irrefutable Evidence: Four Simple Steps to More Persuasive Proposals.” The article drew on Chris’s background as a commercial litigator to show how to gather and use evidence to support your proposal’s value claims.

In the article, Chris also shared a proprietary technique called “Evidence IQ.” Evidence IQ is a way of judging which evidence to use with a particular client, as well as how much evidence you need. This technique provides a way to think systematically about what evidence you have and what you still need — so that you and your marketing colleagues can create your own library of winning evidence.

Christopher Sant Consulting’s Director of Marketing, Dwight Lawrence, said afterwards, “We didn’t need any additional evidence proving how great APMP folks are… but this award makes their awesomeness pretty irrefutable!”