Focus on the good ones

A certain salesman was in the habit of emailing into the home office telling them what great prospects he had. He would tell them of a man who had definitely promised an order, say, next week. Another man had agreed to see him within a few days. A third had put him off with some excuse, but had told him that the next time the salesman called he would receive the order. And so it went on week after week and month after month, and the salesman sent in very few orders. The sales manager called this salesman into his office and said to him: ” Your whole trouble is that you have too many irons in the fire. That is the fault of a great many salesmen, especially young ones. You are endeavoring to cover too many prospects at one time. What I want you to do is to pick out about six of the most definite prospects that you have, concentrate on these men and keep away from the others until you have found out whether those six men will buy your goods or not.” He talked to the salesman along these lines for quite a while, and the salesman went out to his territory and the second day secured a huge order, and from that the salesman’s success was assured. The moral is: focus on the good ones.