Don’t be a cut-first, cut-rate salesperson

There is one class of sales rep whom a sales manager once designated as “immediate return” salesmen. He said: “These men eliminate entirely the possibility of any future business. They do not stop to consider what will be the effect of the many ill-advised things they do upon future business. They are the men who for the sake of immediate returns cut prices, make excessive allowances, and generally establish bad precedents. They want business in a hurry, and they disregard all rules to get it. They think that orders, no matter how they get them, are all that is expected of them. These are the salesmen who have dissatisfied users, whose business does not stick, and who spoil territories for other men. Fortunately this class of salesmen does not last long. Their success is all at the beginning of their career, and their career does not continue for any length of time.”