A failure isn’t always a failure

If you have failed to sell your prospect, don’t give him up, and, most important of all, do not let your temper or disappointment get the better of you so that you will antagonize him, thereby making it impossible for you to visit him again. When there is no hope whatever that you will sell him that day, leave some strong advertising matter with him. Tell him that of course you can understand that it is difficult for him to make up his mind, as it is a new proposition to him. Ask him to think about it, and then call again. Give him, when he leaves you, one strong argument to remember.

If your demonstration has been what it should be, it will have made an effect on the prospect, although, perhaps, he does not show it, but he will think about it, and when you call on him again, on your next visit to the place, you will find him in a more receptive mood.